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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I Bring?

Guests should bring something to drink/eat, a rain coat, and some sunglasses/hat. All gear will be provided by the guide. If you have a favorite rod you would like to use feel free to bring it. Please try to limit the items you are bringing.

Do We Need Fishing Licenses?

YES! Guests are responsible for their own fishing licenses in the state of North Carolina. In the event the trips head to the Cherokee Reservation, Tribal Fishing Permits will be required in place of NC fishing license. These can be bought here:

Where Will We Be Fishing?

All of our guided trips take place in Western North Carolina. While our main hub is Sylva, NC, we operate out of Bryson City, Franklin, Waynesville, Cherokee, and Asheville.

What's The Best Time Of Year to Come?

Spring and fall offer the best trout fishing options of the year. The river are being heavily stocked with brown, brook, and rainbow trout and the weather is perfect for fishing. Summer time offers killer Smallmouth bass on the river and other black bass options on the lake!

What's Good To Eat Around  Here?

North Carolina is known for BBQ. We love BBQ. Sylva has a lot of food options.Check out these local eateries:

What Else Is There To Do Around Here?

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is right around the corner from Sylva and has tons of great hiking and wildlife options including the famous Elk!

White water rafting is a popular excursion when the days are warm! Head over to the NOC for all the white water fun.

The smoky mountain rail road is a great way to see Fontana Lake and the local river gorge!

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